Friday, September 26, 2014

The Dame From The Painting (Part 2)

During the next year, the painter said his words and as he was promised, what he painted came into existence.  He was never hungry and had enough supplies to fix his shop.  It became noticed by art collectors all over who were drawn to the shop’s fabulous atmosphere, but none of them knew how he managed to keep it going. Never the less, he sold tons of paintings and had enough money to buy a small cottage that he filled with whatever he wanted…..or should I say whatever he painted.

As time went on, he grew more lonely. With work that kept him in solitude, it was impossible for him to find a companion.  Even with what the gentleman said in the back of his mind, the temptation to disobey grew too strong.

Over the next month, he worked to paint a beautiful, perfect woman to fill the loneliness in his heart. Her gave her long auburn hair and made her eyes as blue as the sea.  Having to paint her full frame of course,  he chose to make her tall and thin. Upon finishing, he said the words and she came alive.

He looked at her with some disappointment at first. She looked too thin to the point where if someone tried to hold her, she’d break. Plus she looked more pale than intended. He called her Ira. However, there was something strange about her. She would not eat or sleep and she never said a word. She could barely walk at first, but after a few days, she adjusted and seemed to love roaming about the cottage. When she didn’t walk around the house, she stayed by the painter’s side just staring at him. He’d smile at her and she smiled back.

Every so often, he’d wake up in the middle of the night coughing and there she’d be standing over him. Staring in the dark with her head tilted. It must have been a habit she learned from him since he’d tilt his head when he was thinking.  She couldn’t learn habits from anyone else because Hirito kept guests away from the cottage. He didn’t want anyone questioning him about the mysterious woman in his house or where she came from.

Over the next few weeks, she started to look more alive. Despite never leaving home, her face was full of color and despite never eating, she looked completely healthy. She still didn’t speak, but remained entertained. By the end of the month, she miraculously painted a beautiful, sparkling ocean with waves smacking against stone cliffs. Given no training at all, he was impressed by her talent and put her lovely painting on display in the entryway for all those guests who never came to admire.  

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